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If your internet or phone service isn’t working, you can check for outages using the CenturyLink outage tool. You can also use Troubleshooter to help diagnose individual service problems and get help when your internet is down.

If you need to return your modem to CenturyLink, sign in as a guest on the UPS site, pack your modem following these instructions, then drop off the box off at any authorized UPS Shipping Center location near you.

We highly recommend using one of our certified or recommended WiFi modems. If your modem is not on the CenturyLink recommended modem list, it’s either a retired CenturyLink device or a third-party modem.

The difference between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi comes down to speed and range. Use 5 GHz for a device closer to the router and 2.4 GHz for a device farther from the router. 

You can change your WiFi password from the CenturyLink app (for some modem models) or from your secure modem settings, which you can access on a computer or other connected device.

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